Old Stone Age


We invite you to join us in a tour of the Roche and its surroundings. The Tour was realized in 2000 by Janice McLean from photographs taken by Stefan Christiansen with the financial support of the Musée départemental de Solutré. Warning: The files may require several minutes to load.

View from the edge of Mt Pouilly View from la Grange du Bois View from the Grange Murger View from the top of the Roche of Solutré View from the trail on the south side of the Roche View from the north west side Click on location

The Roc and village viewed from the edge of Mt Pouilly, 180° panorama.(1)
Solutré, Vergisson and the Plain of Bresse in the background, viewed from the meadows of La Grange du Bois, 180° panorama.(2)
Roche de Solutré viewed from a field below the Grange Murger. The 360° panorama shows the woods of the Mont du Mâconnais.(3)
View from the top of the Roche of Solutré. (4) 360° panorama starting at La Grange du Bois and moving toward Vergisson, the Plain of the Saône and ending at Mt. Pouilly.
From the trail on the south side of the Roche (5) 180° panorama showing the Valley, the village and the Mont Pouilly.
View from the north west side, (6) 180° panorama from the Grange du Bois to the village and the Roche de Vergisson.
The Roche of Vergisson is of easier access but less suitable for the kind of hunt practiced at Solutré. The small caves located on its south side were once occupied by Neandertal groups.
An artist view of the Ice Age landscape in the Musée de Préhistoire at Solutré.