Abri Peyrony - 2010

A one month field season in 2010 was designed to complete the trench across the upper terrace and reach the bedrock in the area opened in 2009. Additionally, we realized that additional deposits were well preserved under a line of collapsed blocks on the lower terrace. A portion of one of these was removed to expose this new layer.

By the end of the 2010 season we had obtained new samples from both the upper and lower terrace. The stratigraphy was more clear. On both the upper and lower terrace, two levels were clearly distinguishable; however, there was also a fair amount of lateral variability that made the picture more complex. It was also clear by the end of 2010 that the upper and lower terraces could not be directly connected stratigraphically. We took a micromorphological sample from the fire feature in 2010 but did not excavate the feature itself. Additionally, we did not achieve bedrock over the entire area opened due in part to the indurate nature of the upper deposits and the richness of the lower deposits.

Though initially an additional season was not planned, by the end of 2010 it became apparently that one more partial season was required to finish the excavation.