Combe-Capelle Bas - Ami - Level I

The lithic materials from the uppermost level were characterized by a heavy patination (most of the artifacts are completely white) and red incrustations. As reported by Peyrony and Bourgon, the industry was MTA, with some triangular, discoid, and ovate bifaces, as well as some cleavers, Mousterian points, scrapers, burins, notches and denticulates, though many fewer scrapers than in the underlying levels. Bourgon also noted that it was heavily Levallois in technology (Levallois Index = 32.1) and that the industry was much smaller (and thinner) than the underlying industries. Based on his own collections and including those of de Mensignac and Chabannes from all over the slope, Peyrony noted the presence of a range of faunal elements from this level, including abundant remains of Bos/Bison, horse, Megaceros, and, more rarely, reindeer, mammoth, rhinoceros, and some hyaena, bear, cave lion, and fox.