La Ferrassie - 2010 Season

The big question was - are there in situ deposits still preserved in the western portion of the site next to the road? Some work with the historical documentation suggested that deposits might still remain there, but whether these deposits would include the full sequence and how extensive the deposits might be was completely unknown.

The season was only one week long and involved mainly removing the overburden here with a mechanical digger and screening all of these sediments. Quickly it became apparent that the base of the sequence was intact over a large area, and by the end of the week we had discovered what appeared to be the full sequence up against the cliff face. However, it was not at all clear how extensive these deposits might be, and in fact our first impressions were that the sequence might be only thinly preserved.

The 2010 season was successful enough to demonstrate that potential of the concept - namely that new deposits remained to be discovered at La Ferrassie. However, it was clear that to fully realize the potential of this portion of the site, we would have to open the entire area between the road and the present day wall that marks La Ferrassie. This would have to wait for the next season.