La Ferrassie - 2011 Season

g the limit of La Ferrassie. It was immediately apparent that in this area consisting of a small triangle of sediment, the entire La Ferrassie sequence was well preserved. Peyrony and Capitan had not in fact excavated everything between the road and the section we see today, but instead had left a sliver of deposits just adjacent to the find location of the La Ferrasse 1 and 2 skeletons. The reason for this is likely the presence of an older road that led up to the La Ferrassie cave and onto the plateau.

The rest of this season was spent excavating a section in the lower deposits (work that had begun in 2010) and cleaning/testing the upper part of the sequence. Though the deposits were limited in extent, already there were substantial questions about the stratigraphy in the upper part of the sequence where some of the levels were difficult to follow.

Excavations in the lower part of the sequence produced a partial biface, immediate confirmation of the industries described by Peyrony and Capitan. It also became quite clear that the lower levels (especially the Layer 2/3 contact) showed evidence of solifluction.