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E4 is the Windows version of Entrer Trois. It is a flexible data entry program designed to make data entry faster and to reduce errors. It works with configuration files that you create wherein you specify the variables to be entered and their type (eg. text, numeric, menu, table, instrument). One of its most important features is the ability to create conditional statements that allow certain variables to be skipped based on values entered for previous variables. Currently the program supports several different kinds of electronic calipers and scales. If you have a favorite that isn't included, notify Shannon and he may by able to add it.

The main advantage to this new version is that data are written directly to an Access MDB format database. The database is created automatically from the configuration file. However, Access is not required by the program and you can still output the data in an ASCII comma and quote delimited format so that they can be transferred to most any other program (including Excel).

The format of the configuration file has changed a little from Entrer Trois. However, we have made every effort to make it backward compatible with Entrer Trois configuration files (ie. it reads Entrer Trois configuration files).

IMPORTANT - This program is not as bug free as Entrer Trois. However, we use it all the time in our own work and beside a few annoyances we have not had problems. If you encounter a bug, let us know. You should probably include your configuration file when you e-mail us.

ALSO - Because this is a Windows program, the initial download is quite large. The program itself is not so big. If you are installing for the first time, you will need to download the full version. If you are updating your previous install, you can download only the program and overwrite your existing copy.

AND - The manual and sample configuration files for Entrer Trois are still relevant for E4 though updated versions of both are forthcoming.

CALIPERS - Looking for a set of calipers? We highly recommend the Mitutoyo electronic calipers (150mm works well for most lithics) with a keyboard wedge. You can purchase them from Paleo-Tech.

Installation Instructions
If you are installing the program for the first time - then you must download and run setup.exe. You should then download the update version of E4 to get the bug fixes. You should overwrite your existing copy of the program (probably in the directory \program files\e4).

If you have already downloaded and install setup.exe, then you should download just e4.exe. You should overwrite your existing copy of the program (probably in the directory \program files\e4).

Until we have a manual, the sample CFG files shown below give an idea what one can do with the program. You can modify these as you like to create your own data entry configuration. Note that when you modify the configuration file, it is best to provide a new "Table" entry in the CFG file. Otherwise the fields in the CFG will not match the fields in the existing table and problems are likely.

UPDATE - We updated the program and installer in August 2009. There were some odd bugs that we tried to fix. If you experience troubles with this program, please contact Shannon McPherron at mcpherro@eva.mpg.de. To use the new version you may have to download the setup.exe as well. Run it first and then replace the program with the new version found here. Note also, in this version of the program, space are replaced with commas in the CFG file. This allows you to have menu items with spaces in them. The program will make this conversion automatically. As always, it is a good idea to back-up your data and CFG before changing to the new version.

Description Filename Size
E4 installation and program (Windows)
Updated August 2009
setup.exe 18mb
Updated E4 only  (use only if setup.exe above has be installed)
Updated August 2009
e4.exe 536k
New - A simple sample configuration file
(named TXT here to facilate viewing with a browser but better to rename as simple.cfg when using with E4)
simple.txt 2k
New - A more complicated configuration file
(named TXT here to facilate viewing with a browser but better to rename as complex.cfg when using with E4)
complex.txt 5k