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Anta Montet-White is Professor Emerita at the University of Kansas Department of Anthropology. She trained in prehistoric Archaeology field work at Arcy-sur-Cure(France) with A. Leroi-Gourhan and later with F. Bordes at Combe Grenal (France).

Her first field work was at the Hagfet et Tera in Cyrenaica (Lybia). Later she conducted excavations at Le Malpas, (France), Kadar, Luscic and Zobiste in Bosnia, Grubgraben in Austria, Spadzista and Wolowice in Poland and at Solutré (France).

The Bosnian project was conducted in collaboration with Djuro Basler, former Curator of Paleolithic Archaeology at the Zemalski Muzej, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and with the participation of Henri Laville, Directeur de Recherches, Institut du Quaternaire, University of Bordeaux (France).

Anta Montet-White

Djuro Basler and our group of workmen from Dolni Zvilai