Hominin I

Fontéchevade Hominid I was recovered from a block of breccia taken back to Henri-Martin’s lab near the site of La Quina. The block came from a Layer E0 2.60-2.40 meters below datum and about 13 meters in front of the cave’s current drip line. The FC I frontal fragment includes “glabella, the medial area of the left superciliary arch, part of the nasal articulation, and part of the squamous portion” (Trinkaus 1973:27). Importantly, with its thin cranial bone and weakly developed brow, the fragment appears to contrast with classic Neandertals. The map on the right is a section showing the find location of FC I (the black cross) at the top of the Tayacian E layers.

Fontechevade I
Photo of the Fontechevade hominin I.
Fontechevade I
Placement of the Fontechevade hominin I.
Location of the fossil hominins
Location of the fossil hominins.