Pech de l'Azé IV - Bordes Collection

In the summer of 1996, Harold Dibble and Shannon McPherron were given authorization by the Institute de Préhistoire et de Géologie du Quaternaire and Mme. Bordes to carry out the research necessary to publish the results of that excavation according to modern standards of description and analysis.

There were three primary goals of this project:

  • - to organize and maintain the collection before the loss of documentary evidence would lessen its value for Paleolithic research
  • - to make public the information that was recovered by Bordes over an eight-year project at Pech IV
  • - to use this collection to make new inferences concerning Middle Paleolithic systematics and adaptation.

Over the course of four years (1996-1999) the first two of these goals was achieved. The pages that follow in this section detail the state of the collection and the steps we took to restore it. The collections were published by McPherron and Dibble (2000) and again most recently in the Pech IV monograph (Dibble et al. 2018).